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The essence of Worship: A bird Song 

Come all who are weary and complacent; hold firm to the instructions of God.

Take no thought of the circumstance or environment.

Awake each day to the possibilities of dialogue


The holds of bondage do not weigh worship.

Assert truth!

As you come, God listens and wraps you tight in his arms.

While there he instructs you to love the Lord your God and be loved.

The essence or fragrance of worship comes from places of obscurity.

May your desire be sought in times of obscurity.


For that’s where your worship expands - essence evokes, and out of your pores worship flows.

Breath taken freshness comes from this essence - Worship captured in the light where darkness cannot hold it.

Grace hides while essence comes alive

The soul of worship is simply to express love.

Caught in a split screen, the beak of a bird peaks out. May the essence of your worship be seen in love. Chirping from the branches of a tree


Love is worship; evoking your essence is worship.



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