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Beams of Faith

A week ago, while traveling through the hills, I saw the warning sign, “slow down construction ahead”. Immediately, I responded by decreasing my speed and navigating the car away from congested traffic. In the distance, the construction guys were proactively building a wall to stabilize the hill from erosion and deterioration. They were busy using large steel beams to fortify the side of the hills that were occupied with beautiful Victorian houses. Fortify! Proactive! These words puzzled me a bit. What do they mean? How can this concept be actively applied to our Christian walk? Fortify means to provide a defense against attacks, and proactive means to create or control a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it. Just like the pedologist who understand the properties of soil erosion, proactive implement strategies to mitigate injury and harm, so it is with us, who understand that our faith needs to be fortified. When we proactively fortify our faith, the Holy Spirit prepare us with wisdom and counsel for the journey ahead. What are the beams we need? The beams are not made of steel or blocks but these beams are obedience, the word of God, wisdom, love for the body of Christ and holiness. These beams guard our steps, guard our hearts so that the pillars of our faith will stand no matter the devil onslaughts. We proactively fortify ourselves so that in the evil day we will be able to stand. What are some things that are hindering you from taking the necessary steps to fortify yourself? Although, there are things we cannot control, there are things we can do to build ourselves and each other in the most holy faith. One of those things is to cause an action of trust and faith in God so that when we are tempted by the devil we can stand.


Lord, give me the insight to trust you in all things and the foresight to use wisdom to officiate over things concerning my walk with you in Jesus name. Amen.


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