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Genesis: His Masterpiece

I am moved by the fathers love. His reckless, unfathomable love that knows, knew and known my frame and my inward parts. He, Elohim - the artist, the creator has woven me/you in a beautiful picture of grace and mercy. His love has woven us. His love has cradle us. Beyond our imperfections, our doubts, resolves, cautions and fear, his love is like a warm blanket, that cover us. So, because of his artistry, because of his design, I am moved! I am loved! My past didn’t know this love. My past kept me from accepting his love. My past resonated with the pain of rejection and frustration. But my present came in contact with His love and I was never the same. How about you? Has your present settled with the pillars of his love? If not, when you accept his love, your Genesis, your new beginning with the father will open your eyes to a beautiful picture of who you are and who you will be. Welcome to Genesis: His Masterpiece.


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