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The Need to Study

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The need to study the word of God is a constant reminder by the Holy Spirit. The need to be self-reliant without His words is forced by the devil. Why read when I don't understand? Why do I feel the need to run to his word like a thirsty child? Why do I hear the voice of His Spirit speaking his words to my heart and mind? It's because God’s word connect us to him. His word is apart of us, it's His breath, it’s alive and it's sharp cutting us not to hurt us while soothing and calming at the same time. We are bombarded by the enemies lies, he says you’re ok without His word. Read other books, listen to other preachers and that is all you need. I believe we want to read His word. I believe we want to know him. So I propose, when you read God’s word take his words literal and when there’s no literal meaning look at the word through anamorphic lens. Which means you will look at the picture that the Bible is painting from many different angles to understand it. Through the Holy Spirit & faith you will see wonders. SW

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