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Pinch yo Self!

Pinches are responses to naughty innuendos, crazy reality checks and balances. As we journey through life, the history of giving and recieving pinches may be culminated with laughter, ouch and heyyyy!! Undoubtedly, a pinch leaves a indelible mark in a person’s memory bank. While the pincher may be an ally, a friend, or a family member, sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me that I am here. When something mind blowing happens, when I overcome challenges, surprised at my spiritual and emotional growth, I pinch myself. Not as a form of abuse but to remind me it's real. God pinches us sometimes to get our attention while reminding us of His providential provision and love. If today you are met with new blessings and triumphs, pinch yo self, and you will see that it's really happening.

S Wisdom

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