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Ebbs and Flows

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Ebbs and flows follow rhythms, movement which can be fluid, subtle, slow and fast. It's a rhythmic experience that can create joy, sadness, bitterness, laughter and silence. Muddled with the rigorous currents, one can ride the tides by surfing on faith and patience. Nehemiah, a special young man in the Bible had his share with ebbs and flows. He desired to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem but his desire was sabotaged with opposition. Nevertheless, he was humble, persistent and insightful. He knew how to navigate ebbs and flows. You can too! You can become a navigator, one who uses biblical principles, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to navigate ebbs and flows. I encourage you to use the word of God as your compass, be resolute in your conviction and steady in your pursuits. Don’t lose sight of your vision, be steadfast and you will be successful.

S Wisdom

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